Welcome to The Turquoise Table Community

Creating Community and Connection in Your Neighborhood

A simple way to connect your neighborhood, 

engage your community, and build relationships.

We Motivate People to Come Together

The goal of The Turquoise Table Community (TTC) is to help you make a difference in your neighborhood. Being Turquoise-Hearted Community Makers shouldn't be a lonely experience. So we've created a special place to encourage you on your journey.

Connect with Community Makers.

Here's to the turquoise-hearted community builders! Finally, a place for those of us on the front lines to meet and gather.

Find Inspiration.

Need a dose of courage? A reminder that you’re not alone? Come on in ... you’ll find meaningful conversations and like-minded friends to cheer you on. Plus, some seriously good content curated just for you.

Meet New Friends.

Swap stories. Meet new friends. Share recipes. Join a live video conversation. Upload photos. Take a course. Attend a virtual event. Read though-provoking articles. It's all part of The Turquoise Table Community.

Make a Difference in Your Neighborhood.

Actively contribute to the community we're building online and in real life so that together we can have a positive impact on the world.

By joining, you'll also receive:

  • monthly freebies
  • bonus podcast episodes
  • instant access to podcast show notes
  • recipes and tips from guests
  • exclusive discussion guide with conversation starters
  • journal prompts

"In the Turquoise Table Community I feel connected to others in a way that’s completely different than other social media sites. It’s like sitting around a digital table sharing stories, ideas, and thoughts. It isn’t a place of judgement or false impressions." 

- Mandy T.

"The Turquoise Table Community is all about positivity and an endless supply of ideas and encouragement. This new network makes you feel like virtual neighbors, it's as if you live one door over from your favorite people."                    - Hope W.

Ready for some neighborly love?

No matter where you are on the journey to build community in your neighborhood, come on in. 

We think you'll like it here.